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Free to a Good Home: Boys, pt. 1

Ferdinand - 
Origin: Germanic
Gender: Male
Meaning: "Brave voyager"
Pronunciation: FUR-di-nand
Other forms: Fernand, Ferran, Ferdinando, Ferdynand, Hernando, Nándor/ Ferdinanda, Fernande
Combos: Percy Ferdinand, Jasper Ferdinand, Ferdinand Xavier, Ferdinand Poe

I think this name is regal and handsome, and has a wonderful meaning along with a great history, having been used by both Shakespeare and royalty alike. Ferdinand came from Ferdinando, an old Spanish form of a Germanic name made up of the elements fardi, "journey", and nand, which meant "brave" or "daring". Put together more poetically it's "brave voyager". Ferdinand hasn't ranked in the US since 1971, when it was way at the bottom at #984.  This name first truly struck me when I saw actor Sir Ben Kingsley used it for one of his sons (the other two are named Thomas Alexis and Edmund), who is also an actor and most famously plays Charles Elmé Francatelli on "Victoria".

Unusual Nicknames

I've gotten so I love unusual nicknames! I think they're great. Here are obscure nicknames for some classic names, or maybe a few different ways to get to your favorite nickname!
Lotta Crabtree

Charlotte/Charlotta - Tottie/Totty, Totta, Harlo, Lotte, Lottie, Lotta
Margaret - Daisy, Pearl, Mamie, Greta, Gretel, Greet
Beatrice - Bice, Bea/Beah
Henrietta - Etta, Hettie/Hetty, Hallie
Mary - May, Polly, Malle, Moll
Patricia - Patia
Victoria - Toya
Susanna/Susannah/Suzanna - Sanne, Sukie, Zanna, Susanita, Zula
Felicity - Lissy, Flick
Harriet - Hatsy
Alexandra/Alexandria - Andy, Zandra/Xandra, Andria, Alexina
Katherine/Catherine/Katharine - Kitty, Katica, Cato, Rina
Elizabeth/Elisabeth - Lilibeth, Libbie, Lilibet, Buffy, Tetty, Elle, Bettina, Elsa, Liesel, Babette, Betta
Josephine - Jo, Fifi, Josie, Joetta, Jojo, Posy/Posie
Sarah - Sal, Saija, Sassy, Sarita
Virginia - Ginger, Gigi, Virgie
Frances - Frankie, Cissy/Sissy, Francie/Franci, Fancy
Eleanor/Elinor - Elea, Nell/Nella/Nelda, Lenore
Helen - Leni/Lenny, Heli, Lena, Nellie/Nelly, Nell
Georgina/Georgiana/Georgia - Georgie, Gina, Gigi
Miriam - Miri, Mirele, Ria
Louisa/Louise - Lula, Louisette, Louella/Luella, Ouida, Ouisa
Ruth - Rue, Ruthie
Anne/Anna - Anneke, Ninon, Anouk, Anneli, Annikki
Matilda - Tilda, Maudie, Tilly/Tillie
Theodora - Theo, Teddy, Dorinda, Doretta, Tea
Isabella/Isabel/Isabelle - Ibbie/Ibb, Sabella, Isa
Edith - Eda
Martha - Matty
Priscilla - Cilla
Florence - Flo, Flossie
Dolores - Dola

William - Wim, Wilmot, Wilky/Wilke/Wilkie, Wilkin
Wilkie Collins
Alexander - Sandy, Lex, Alec, Sander
Nicholas/Nicolas - Nico, Col, Cole
Christopher - Kit, Topher
Edward - Ward, Ned
Jacob - Coby, Jeb
Nathaniel/Nathanael - Nat, Niel/Neal
Thomas - Tam
Charles - Charlot
Benjamin - Benji/Benjy
Robert - Bertie, Robin, Hob, Hopkin
Lawrence/Laurence - Laurie/Lawrie, Loren, Lorne, Laz, Larkin
Henry - Hal, Hank
Philip - Pip
Jonathan - Jonty
Michael - Mick, Michi, Misha, Michel
James - Jemmy, Jamie, Jem
David - Daw, Dewey, Taffy
Martin - Tin
Abraham - Bram, Avi
Bartholomew - Tolly, Bertok
Adam - Addy
Jordan - Judd
Oliver - Noll
Simon - Sim
Patrick - Pate
Eustace - Stacey, Stace
Sebastian - Seb


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