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Names from Ogden's St. Julien Cigarette Cards - Pt. 2

Here's the second and last part to the previous post. Hope everyone who read enjoyed!
Madge Lessing Margaret Halston Marie George Marie Studholme Miss Flopp Miss Forster Miss Fortescue Miss Kerin Miss M. Morris Miss M. Sayre Miss Marie Shields Miss McNaughton Miss R. Maitland Mrs. Brown Potter Mrs. Patrick Campbell Muriel Beaumont Nina Sevening Nora Lancaster Olga Nethersole Phyllis Rankin Ruby Verdi Sarah Brooke Vera Beringer Winifred Emery

Fetchingly Finnish

I have a soft spot for Finnish names. They have such beautiful sounds, and meanings. I can definitely see some catching on over here.


Ilta - "Evening"
Satu - "Fairy tale, fable"
Annikki - Diminutive of Anna
Tuuli - "Wind"
Tuulikki - "Little wind"
Suvi - "Summer"
Virva - "Will o' the wisp"
Meri - "The sea"
Taimi - "Sapling, young tree"
Sohvi - Form of Sophia
Minttu - "Mint"
Orvokki - "Pansy flower"
Sisko - "Sister"
Aamu - "Morning"
Vuokko - "Anemone flower"
Kielo - "Lily-of-the-valley"
Lumi - "Snow"
Marjo - Form of Maria
Pilvi - "Cloud"
Sini - "Blue"
Taika - "Magic, spell"
Vanamo - "Twinflower"
Esteri - Form of Esther


Otsu - "Bear"
Vesa - "Sprout, young tree"
Aatos - "Thought"
Taavi - Form of David
Usko - "Brave"
Paavali - Form of Paul
Arvo - "Value, worth"
Pyry - "Snowstorm, blizzard"
Veli - "Brother"


  1. I am of finnish heritage and thinking about using a finnish name. However living in the USA, I would like a name that is easy for most. Thoughts between Otsu - "Bear" vs Aatos - "Thought"?

    1. I really think Otsu would be the easiest for most Americans. It's very nice, too.


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