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Names from Ogden's St. Julien Cigarette Cards - Pt. 2

Here's the second and last part to the previous post. Hope everyone who read enjoyed!
Madge Lessing Margaret Halston Marie George Marie Studholme Miss Flopp Miss Forster Miss Fortescue Miss Kerin Miss M. Morris Miss M. Sayre Miss Marie Shields Miss McNaughton Miss R. Maitland Mrs. Brown Potter Mrs. Patrick Campbell Muriel Beaumont Nina Sevening Nora Lancaster Olga Nethersole Phyllis Rankin Ruby Verdi Sarah Brooke Vera Beringer Winifred Emery


Göksu Üçtaş

Origin: Turkish
Gender: Female
Meaning: N/A
Pronunciation: GOHK-soo
Other forms: N/A

I've had this name queued up since watching the Olympics, but never got around to actually writing it. Göksu Üçtaş is a twenty-three year old Turkish gymnast  who sadly did not advance to the finals of the 2012 Olympics, and, due to an injury she sustained during training, could compete only in the balance beam event. In the 2009 Mediterranean Games she won the silver medal, and at the World Cup for Artistic-Gymnastics in 2010, she won the gold medal in floor exercise, and silver medal in both balance beam and vault.

I assume she is named after the river Göksu in the Taşeli Peninsula of Turkey. It flows into the Mediterranean sea, and is one of the most important breeding grounds for birds in the Near East, with over 300 species of birds having been seen there. Along with the birds, the endangered Loggerhead Sea Turtle also lays its eggs there.


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