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On My Mind: 4-20-18

Guinevere - At work I overheard a girl - she was probably around four years old - being called Guinevere. I was so pleasantly surprised and it's probably one of the most unusual names I've heard being used in real life. I've always loved the name Guinevere, it's mystical and beautifully feminine without being too saccharine, and lends itself to the very usable Gwen.

Millicent - I recently saw "A Quiet Place" with a group of friends and loved it! The eldest child in the film is played by actress Millicent "Milly" Simmonds, who was excellent in the role. It was refreshing to see Millicent being used, and I think it could really make a comeback.

Family Names - I've written a few times about names of my ancestors here and here, but I've found a few more I find interesting.

First is my great-grandfather and his siblings - they were children of German immigrants:

William Charles

And then some random fin…

The Grandchildren of Queen Victoria: Part Five

Princess Helena

Helena married Frederick Christian Charles Augustus, or "Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein". Their children were:

Christian Victor Albert Ernst Anton, "Prince Christian Victor of Schleswig-Holstein", or "Christle"

Albert John Charles Frederick Arthur George, "Prince Albert, later "Albert, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein"

Victoria Louise Sophia Augusta Amelia Helena, "Princess Helena Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein", or "Thora"

Franziska Josepha Louise Augusta Marie Christina Helena, "Princess Marie Louise of Schleswig-Holstein"

Frederick Christian Augustus Leopold Edward Harald (Died at eight days old)

An unnamed stillborn son


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