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On My Mind: 7-16-17

Gus, Theo, and Ruby - At work I recently heard of a sibset consisting of eldest brother Gus, and then Theo, and a little sister named Ruby. It's so unusual (especially in my small southern town) to hear such stylish names that I was pretty floored when I heard it.

Augustine - Another name sighting from work - a little boy was calling for his friend all across the arcade - his name was Augustine.

Libuše - I've really been into Czech names here lately, and this one is one of my favorites. It comes from the Czech lib - which means "love". In legend, Libuše, also sometimes calledLubuše, Libussa, or Lubossa, was the name of a Princess and the founder of Prague.

Names Inspired by Trees

Marcel Rieder

A few names inspired by trees associated with Christmas. This was harder than I expected, and I hope you all enjoy it!

Alba (A. Alba is the scientific name for the silver fir)
Fraser (Fraser fir)
Silver (The silver fir was the first Christmas tree)
Douglas (Douglas fir)
Sylvia, Silvia, Silvus, Sylvester, Sylvie (All come from the Latin silva, meaning "wood, forest")
Oren (Means "pine tree" in Hebrew)


  1. I looove Silver. I think it's a great idea, for a boy or a girl. My other favorites: Pine, Alba, and I have a burgeoning love for Spruce now.

    Sylvia/Silvia/Sylvie are all time favorites, always. They're all classy, beautiful and timeless. I love both the feel and sound of them

    Evergeen is super interesting...not sure how I feel about it yet.

  2. Sylvia is a favourite for me too!

  3. Oren is another one you could add - it means ash or pine tree :)

    I didn't realise Alba was a nature related name. Makes it more appealing than if it was just a celebrity surname! I also really like Spruce, Fraser and Fir from this list.


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