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Cardi B and Offset Welcome First Child Together

Rapper Cardi B and her husband Offset, who is a part of the music group "Migos", have welcomed their first child, a little girl who they've called Kulture Kiari. Kiari happens to be Offset's real first name. He has three other children not with Cardi, while this is her first child.

Top Names in Estonia

Estonian stamp from 1996

These are the top names for Estonia in 2012.


1. Sofia
2. Maria
3. Laura
4. Mia
5. Sandra
6. Anna
7. Darja
8. Mirtel
9. Polina
10. Viktoria


1. Rasmus
2. Robin
3. Nikita
4. Marten
5. Artjom
6. Markus
7. Oliver
8. Martin
9. Maksim
10. Sander


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