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On My Mind: 2-14-2018

Aud - I stumbled upon some photos of Audrey Hepburn during her days as a chorus girl - she was posing on top of a building with some other chorus girls and some ice in a bid to stay cool during a summer day. The other girls were Enid Smeedon and Aud Johansen. I thought Aud's name was especially interesting. Aud is the modern form of Auðr, an old Norse name meaning "wealth, prosperity".

Dulcinea - A gorgeous name, especially for those who like longer, more dramatic options. Dulcinea would be a lovely name for a Valentine's baby - it comes from the Spanish dulce, meaning "sweet", and was invented by Miguel de Cervantes for the love interest of Don Quixote.

Pollux - I was surprised by this name's meaning - "very sweet" - because I don't think I've ever seen a boy's name with a meaning like it. In Greek mythology, Pollux is the twin of Castor, sons of Zeus, and the constellation Gemini is meant to represent them.

Names Taken from Hayao Miyazaki (Part One)

Ever since I first saw "Kiki's Delivery Service" as a child, I've loved Miyazaki's work. I haven't seen a movie of his that I don't like, and that is indeed a feat. Here is the start of some posts in which I will feature some of the lovely names from his films. Today we are doing "Spirited Away".


Chihiro Ogino/Sen
Yubaba ("Bathhouse Witch")


Kamajii ("Boiler Geezer")


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