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Names from Ogden's St. Julien Cigarette Cards - Pt. 2

Here's the second and last part to the previous post. Hope everyone who read enjoyed!
Madge Lessing Margaret Halston Marie George Marie Studholme Miss Flopp Miss Forster Miss Fortescue Miss Kerin Miss M. Morris Miss M. Sayre Miss Marie Shields Miss McNaughton Miss R. Maitland Mrs. Brown Potter Mrs. Patrick Campbell Muriel Beaumont Nina Sevening Nora Lancaster Olga Nethersole Phyllis Rankin Ruby Verdi Sarah Brooke Vera Beringer Winifred Emery

On My Mind: 5-12-14

Janet Montgomery as Mary Sibley in "Salem"
Janet - I've been watching the WGN's first scripted series, "Salem", which is ridiculous as it is addicting. I was surprised to learn that one of the female leads, who is 28, is named Janet Montgomery. It's not a name I would expect to see on someone in their twenties, but I rather like it. It is an Medieval form of Jane, which means it's definitely got some weight. I also like Jeanette, Zhannochka, and Sinéad.

Tobias - Biblical Tobias is being seen more and more, from "Divergent" hero Tobias "Four" Eaton to actor Tobias Menzies. With the nickname Toby, it is instantly more usable.

Betsy - Often cited as one of the frumpiest forms of Elizabeth, Betsy has found its way into my heart. It is a perfect mix of spunky and sweet, and with more and more parents looking for unusual vintage names, I see it making a comeback.

Rollo - I first came across this name when I looked up actor Rollo Weeks, who has sisters who are actresses named Perdita and Honeysuckle, and was reminded of it while watching "Vikings". Ragnar Lothbrok has a brother named Rollo, with whom he has a rather strained relationship. Though in the show they pronounce it "RO-low" it is usually said "RAHL-oh".

Ida - The Danish have already discovered how beautiful Ida truly is (where it is pronounced "EE-dah"); it ranks #2. It is also given a dose of star power by actress Ida Lupino.

Lionel - Leo is having its heyday right now, and I wonder if Lionel will ever follow suit. Lionel is currently #805 in the US, making it a great alternative.


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