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On My Mind: 7-16-17

Gus, Theo, and Ruby - At work I recently heard of a sibset consisting of eldest brother Gus, and then Theo, and a little sister named Ruby. It's so unusual (especially in my small southern town) to hear such stylish names that I was pretty floored when I heard it.

Augustine - Another name sighting from work - a little boy was calling for his friend all across the arcade - his name was Augustine.

Libuše - I've really been into Czech names here lately, and this one is one of my favorites. It comes from the Czech lib - which means "love". In legend, Libuše, also sometimes calledLubuše, Libussa, or Lubossa, was the name of a Princess and the founder of Prague.

On My Mind: 5-12-14

Janet Montgomery as Mary Sibley in "Salem"
Janet - I've been watching the WGN's first scripted series, "Salem", which is ridiculous as it is addicting. I was surprised to learn that one of the female leads, who is 28, is named Janet Montgomery. It's not a name I would expect to see on someone in their twenties, but I rather like it. It is an Medieval form of Jane, which means it's definitely got some weight. I also like Jeanette, Zhannochka, and Sinéad.

Tobias - Biblical Tobias is being seen more and more, from "Divergent" hero Tobias "Four" Eaton to actor Tobias Menzies. With the nickname Toby, it is instantly more usable.

Betsy - Often cited as one of the frumpiest forms of Elizabeth, Betsy has found its way into my heart. It is a perfect mix of spunky and sweet, and with more and more parents looking for unusual vintage names, I see it making a comeback.

Rollo - I first came across this name when I looked up actor Rollo Weeks, who has sisters who are actresses named Perdita and Honeysuckle, and was reminded of it while watching "Vikings". Ragnar Lothbrok has a brother named Rollo, with whom he has a rather strained relationship. Though in the show they pronounce it "RO-low" it is usually said "RAHL-oh".

Ida - The Danish have already discovered how beautiful Ida truly is (where it is pronounced "EE-dah"); it ranks #2. It is also given a dose of star power by actress Ida Lupino.

Lionel - Leo is having its heyday right now, and I wonder if Lionel will ever follow suit. Lionel is currently #805 in the US, making it a great alternative.


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