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On My Mind: 12-5-18

Lots of Name Sightings - I've heard so many great names lately at work. Annabelle Ruth, siblings named Viola, Coco, Savannah, and Reed, and a little boy named Thor.

Lorelei - A friend of mine became an Uncle a while back and I just finally got to meet her. Her name is Lorelei, which I think is gorgeous. Lorelei is German and means "luring rock". In German folklore a Lorelei was a sort of mermaid or siren who would lure fishermen to their deaths. Lorelei is also the name of a rock headland on the Rhine River.

Edna - I've been watching "SS-GB" which is set in an alternate history Great Britain where the Germans won WWII. One of the main characters is played by German actor Lars Eidinger, who in real life has a daughter named Edna. I just thought it was so refreshing to see. Edna in Hebrew means "pleasure", and it is also an anglicized version of Irish Eithne, which means "kernel" or "grain".

On My Mind: 12/1/14

Michelle Pfeiffer as Isabeau in "Ladyhawke"
Isabeau - I watched a bit of "Ladyhawke" the other day, the cheesy fantasy film with Michelle Pfeiffer and Rutger Hauer. I love fantasy films, especially the ones made in the 80s and 90s. Isabeau is the name of Michelle Pfeiffer's character, and one I've seen thrown around a lot on name forums. In the film it is said "EE-sah-bo", though it can also be said "IZ-uh-bo". For a historical figure, there is Isabeau of Bavaria, who was Queen of France from 1385-1422.
 Manu - I first came across this name on actor Manu Bennett of "Spartacus" fame, who is of Maori descent on his father's side. He says it is a Maori name meaning "bird", and that it is in honor of his uncle who was the Bishop of New Zealand.
Fernway - Going through Lena Horn's filmography, I came across this unusual choice. I'm really loving it, and I think it would make an especially great middle name.
Tennyson - I never really thought about this one until today. It has a great sound and a great namesake, and I think the nickname "Ten" holds a lot of appeal.
Waverly - I was recently replaying "Dishonored", and remembered just how much I liked Waverly. The character, Waverly Boyle, also has sisters named Esma and Lydia.
 Plutarch - The latest installment of "The Hunger Games" franchise will be the last movie we will see Philip Seymour Hoffman in. His character is named Plutarch Heavensbee, which really appeals to me.


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