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Names from Ogden's St. Julien Cigarette Cards - Pt. 2

Here's the second and last part to the previous post. Hope everyone who read enjoyed!
Madge Lessing Margaret Halston Marie George Marie Studholme Miss Flopp Miss Forster Miss Fortescue Miss Kerin Miss M. Morris Miss M. Sayre Miss Marie Shields Miss McNaughton Miss R. Maitland Mrs. Brown Potter Mrs. Patrick Campbell Muriel Beaumont Nina Sevening Nora Lancaster Olga Nethersole Phyllis Rankin Ruby Verdi Sarah Brooke Vera Beringer Winifred Emery

A List of Names Taken from French Royal Mistresses (5)

Virginia Oldoini photographed by Pierre-Louise Pierson
The last part; please enjoy!

Zoé Talon, Countess du Cayla - Louis XVIII

Rosalie Duthé - Louis Philippe I - A celebrated courtesan, she was often painted and requested for portraits by artists. She has been called "the first officially recorded dumb blonde".

Virginia Oldoini, Countess of Castiglione - Napoleon III - Born in Tuscany and known as "Nicchia", she was known for her elaborate dresses, her most famous being a "Queen of Hearts" inspired one. She was said to have beautiful pale skin and blonde hair and eyes that changed from green to a lovely blue-violet. She was divorced by her husband for becoming Napoleon's mistress. She was photographed by Mayer and Pierson, the favorite photographers of the court, and was the model for some seven-hundred photos. The photos where she posed with her legs or feet, her head was cropped out of. Over time she became mentally unstable, and lived in an apartment decorated in all black without any mirrors, reportedly unable to take her fading looks. She was also said to have been a spy.
Mathilde Bonaparte - Napoleon III - His cousin and one time fiancée.
Maria Anna Scheiss - Napoleon III - Had a son by him named Bonaventur Karrer.
Alexandrine Éléonore Vergeot - Napoleon III - A laundress at Ham, where he was imprisoned. She had sons by him named Alexandre Louis Eugène and Louis Ernest Alexandre.
Rachel Félix - Napoleon III - One of the most celebrated actresses of her time.
Harriet Howard - Napoleon III - His financial banker.
Marie-Anne Walewska - Napoleon III - The wife of his relative, Count Alexandre Joseph Colonna-Walewski.
Marguerite Bellanger - Napoleon III - An actress and courtesan.
Lucy de Mercy-Argenteau - Napoleon III - Possibly nothing more than a friendship.


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