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The Children of Violet Manners, Duchess of Rutland

Violet Manners, Duchess of Rutland was born Marion Margaret Violet Lindsay to the Hon. Charles Hugh Lindsay and Emilia Anne Browne. She married Henry Manners, 8th Duke of Rutland.
Their children were:

Marjorie Harriet Paget, called "Victoria", later "Marjorie Paget, Marchioness of Anglesey"

Robert Charles John Manners, Lord Hadden (he died young)

John Henry Montagu Manners, later "John Manners, 9th Duke of Rutland"

Violet Catherine Manners

Diana Olivia Winifred Maud Manners, later "Lady Diana Cooper, Viscountess Norwich" (Diana's true father was English politician Henry Cust)

Ice Kings

Evgeni Plushenko

Rolf Österreich - Germany
Fedor Klimov - Russia
Gillis Grafström - Sweden
Toller Cranston - Canada
Emmerich Danzer - Austria
Petri Kokko - Finnish
Gösta Sandahl - Sweden
Olivier Schoenfelder - France
Mariusz Siudek - Poland
Elvis Stojko - Canada
Povilas Vanagas - Lithuania
Tassilo Thierbach - Germany
Fabian Bourzat - France
Courtney Jones - United Kingdom
Daisuke Takahashi - Japan
Jeffrey Buttle - Canada
Artur Gachinski - Russia
Javier Fernandez - Spain
Mervin Tran - Japan
Charlie White - USA
Ilia Kulik - Russia
Stéphane Lambiel - Switzerland
Florent Amodio - France
Patrick Chan - Canada
Evan Lysacek - USA
László Nagy - Hungary
Maurizio Margaglio - Italy
Yuzuru Hanyū - Japan
Evgeni Plushenko - Russia
Robin Szolkowy - Germany


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