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September is the ninth month of the year. The name September comes from the Latin septem, which means "seventh", as it was originally the seventh out of ten months. There were many festivals celebrated during September, from Ludi Romani, which consisted of different games in honor of the God Jupiter, to the obscure Septimontium, celebrated by montani, people of the seven hill communities of ancient Rome. In Charlemagne's calendar it is called the "harvest month", which coincides with the Anglo-Saxon's name for it - Gerstmonath, "barley month".

The birthstone of September is the sapphire; the flowers are forget-me-nots, morning glory, and aster. Virgo and Libra are the Zodiac signs for this month. Virgo is based upon Astraea, the last immortal to leave Earth after the other Gods fled to Olympus. Libra is personified by the Greek Goddess Themis' scales of justice, or in Roman mythology, Iustitia's. Themis is the Goddess of divine order, natu…

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